Chasing the dream

Chasing the dream

  • Hudson Smythe
  • 03/1/21

Time warp, silver linings, new beginnings. Last year was intense. Divisions in our society felt broader than ever but we were united in the fact that our daily lives were no longer the same. For my little family of three, the year was not without its challenges, but they were tiny by comparison. We were lucky to have more time for reflecting and for dreaming.  

I’m excited to share that my wife Lindsay and I began this year by realizing one of those dreams. We’ve moved to Aspen! This is Lindsay’s hometown and a place where I too have deep family history and memories. We bonded over our Aspen connection on our first date years ago and it was a dream of ours ever since to end up here someday. We never thought it would happen so soon, but 2020 gave us new perspectives with the birth of our son Beau and the opportunity to pause the daily grind and reconsider life’s possibilities.

The hardest part of all of this is leaving behind our Bay Area community, which we love dearly and miss greatly. Our friends and family in Aspen have made us feel at home and we know that it won’t take long for us to settle into life here. We can’t wait to raise Beau (and hopefully his future siblings) in this incredible community.

Speaking of community, I’m just getting started with my new work here. I’ve combined my love of real estate with my love of Aspen in joining Compass where I’m excited to help people realize their own dreams of living in this amazing town. The Compass mission and culture, along with the opportunity to team up with the best in the business, made my decision to join a no-brainer. 

Commercial real estate in San Francisco to residential in Aspen is a big shift in a lot of ways, but at the core of both are people, people making big decisions. Listening carefully, thinking creatively, analyzing thoroughly, and executing flawlessly. These are keys to success and establishing trust whether your client is considering a downtown office tower or a mountainside dream home. I’m excited to bring this approach to Aspen and to hopefully help some of you imagine what life here might look like.

Here’s to a year of exciting new beginnings for all of us. I hope that you’ll come and visit soon!

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