My logo, explained

My logo, explained

  • Hudson Smythe
  • 07/8/21

A big (and pleasant) surprise for me entering the residential real estate world has been the strength of the entrepreneurial spirit in each of my peers. Success is less about dominating along a well-worn path and more about crafting an authentic brand and approach from countless, very different examples of success. 

Speaking of brand, when it came time to create a logo for my new business (built on the Compass platform), the options were of course endless. I set out to create something that would stand out visually, be memorable, and evoke a sense of the mountain lifestyle that Aspen is famous for. I was also hoping for some personal tie-in, a connection that linked to my story.

Here’s what I came up with:

My initials

Most real estate logos include some combination of initials, which is all about name recognition. I didn’t want to lose this entirely but didn’t think “HS” were particularly interesting initials or memorable on their own. “HS” would be included, but I needed more.

The “X”

The central cross was inspired by vintage ski club and ski resort logos that prominently feature a pair of crossed skis or poles. This is a nod to Aspen’s ski town heritage. I went with a more streamlined interpretation to keep things clean and contemporary.

The Pine Tree

On its surface, the pine tree is a reference to the pine forests surrounding Aspen and the natural beauty that makes life here so special. On a personal level, the pine tree connects to an important chapter and symbol in my life, Dartmouth’s famous Lone Pine, an enduring mark of my alma mater’s history and community.

The Bear

This represents the wildlife in Aspen where bear sightings are fairly common yet still cherished. For me, the bear is also a meaningful personal symbol as a fifth-generation Californian. When I went away to college, I hung a California flag with its bear image in my dorm room to remind me of home. That same flag has been hanging in my house since and remains a comforting symbol of my family and our history.

Thanks for checking out my new logo, let me know what you think! If you’re in Aspen, I hope you’ll be seeing more of this logo popping up around town in the near future.

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